Kreateck has developed an eCommerce integration for its pos software line, KreaPOS. This service is going to be known as the KreaStore service. Originally it was made to only service retail-style environment, but with enough push from perspective subscribers we have made it possible for clients with the KreaPOS Hospitality software to be able to receive orders through the internet as well! The KreaStore service gathers information from the Administrator program and from there it retrieves the merchandise selected to be published on the your website. That simple! The KreaStore will also be able to process credit cards directly on the site, but for now the only ecommerce processor available is Mercury Payment Systems. Also, if you have a domain already, then you will be able to use it, but if you don’t, then we’ll simply work with you to get you one. We will be soon rolling out videos to show how the KreaStore works, but for now I leave you with a link to where you can find more answers.