Direct Integration with Mercury and Merchant Warehouse!

Kreateck has been able to implement a direct integration with Mercury Payment Systems and Merchant Warehouse. What this means for our customers and potential customers is that credit and debit card processing has just been simplified for them.  Our POS software will now be able to process credit and debit cards directly without the need of any other third party software. The only things you’ll need now would be to add on a card reader to your POS system and you’re done. So whether you have a retail store, a restaurant, a beauty salon, or any other industry processing credit, debit, WIC, or EBT, your business now has the ability of doing better business with less installation hassle. Now if you have any more questions regarding this integration, then feel free to contact us or either merchant processor simply by using the links provided or checking out our website for more info.

KreaPOS POS Software now offers Gift Card and Loyalty Card services!

Kreateck has been able to develop a service for the KreaPOS pos software line that would enable users to provide gift card and loyalty card services to their customers with a service called the KreaPOS Card Manager. With this Card Manager, you will be able to assign certain KreaCards to be either a gift card or a loyalty card or both! This service could be used for any industry, whether you have a POS retail software or a restaurant software from KreaPOS this service will work for you! Now the million dollar question, “Why do should I get this service?” Not only would you be connecting to your customers with a more modern touch, but you will be creating capital for your business to be able to use to further your business growth! If you want to check out more info about the KreaPOS card service, simply check out the website below.

KreaPOS now offers eCommerce sites for its Retail and Hospitality POS softwares

Kreateck has developed an eCommerce integration for its pos software line, KreaPOS. This service is going to be known as the KreaStore service. Originally it was made to only service retail-style environment, but with enough push from perspective subscribers we have made it possible for clients with the KreaPOS Hospitality software to be able to receive orders through the internet as well! The KreaStore service gathers information from the Administrator program and from there it retrieves the merchandise selected to be published on the your website. That simple! The KreaStore will also be able to process credit cards directly on the site, but for now the only ecommerce processor available is Mercury Payment Systems. Also, if you have a domain already, then you will be able to use it, but if you don’t, then we’ll simply work with you to get you one. We will be soon rolling out videos to show how the KreaStore works, but for now I leave you with a link to where you can find more answers.

Welcome to the New KreaPOS Blog!

We want to welcome you to our new KreaPOS blog! here we will discuss anything from new upgrades to new ideas to addressing current issues concerning KreaPOS. We hope that with this blog we can further extend ourselves into the KreaPOS community.

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